Heavy Duty & Multipurpose Storage Bin Shelves

November 03, 2021

Heavy Duty & Multipurpose Storage  Bin Shelves

Check out our modular shelves. Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic, our durable & multipurpose shelf units are easy to assemble & disassemble. There are 24 inch legs between the shelves which leaves plenty of space for bins. 

The width of our shelves come in 16, 24, & 36 inches. And the length of our shelves come in 36, 48, 66 inches. So measure your bins and please consider our chemical resistant and weatherproof shelves. Solid and Ventilated 2,3 and 4 shelf units are available.   

Our useful and lightweight shelves are portable so you can easily take your storage bins off, set them aside, and use the shelves as workbenches, tables of all sorts, garage sale tables, party tables, desks, and much more. Then when you’re done using them for other projects, you can just wipe clean with your favorite cleaner, and put your bins back on. 

Using our shelf systems can help you save and make money if you use them in place of all the other tables and workbenches you would have bought over the years.  Customers use our shelves for decades. The ways to use our shelves never stops.    

See some of the most useful Storage Bin Shelves for sale online HERE

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