Sturdy Kids Table For Messy Projects

September 13, 2017

Sturdy Kids Table For Messy Projects

Kids love messy art projects.  The messier, the better!  If you're not watching them closely, they've been known to create art on anything from walls to floors to furniture.   To prevent this, why not give your little ones their own work table to store their supplies and create masterpieces.'s (TSG) multi-purpose storage shelves are just the right size to be used for children's tables.  Our plastic products are USA-made with industrial plastic which is durable and long-lasting. Our products can be used indoors and out.  They will not absorb water, and are easy to clean up with just soap and water.  

TSG's products are sturdy, lightweight, easy (for adults) to set up/take down, and come with solid or open grid top.  Kids can stand up next to them or sit on a chair while they work.  TSG's standard two-shelf unit is 30 inches tall or can be configured to 24 inches tall without the 6 inch legs.  For older and taller children, our 36” high workbenches may be a better fit.  We have several dimensions to fit your needs and space.

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