The Ultimate Garage Corner Shelf

After my move, I set up shelving across the entire back wall of my garage. What I couldn't fit on the shelves, I threw in a corner by my garage door on a raised area that is 57 inches wide. The tool boxes, unpacked boxes, and random garage items were cluttered and took up unnecessary space so I wanted to maximize this corner vertically.


To start, I set up Top Shelf Garage's (TSG) 36"L X 36"W X 54"H solid top, 3-shelf storage unit.  This heavy-duty storage system fits perfectly in a corner.  Its weight capacity is 1475 lbs, evenly distributed, so it could easily hold all of my garage accessories and boxes.




Top Shelf Garage's modular shelving units come in many different sizes and dimensions and are made in the USA with heavy-duty, recycled plastic.  TSG's systems are chemical/weather resistant and are durable and long-lasting.  TSG's storage solutions are easy to set up and take down. See assembly tips HERE.

Shipped within a few days via UPS ground, tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment.  

Shop now. You won't be disappointed.



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