Tips To Cool Your Garage Down

Cool down your garage this summer with these helpful tips.


Garage Tool Advisor:

Circulate the Air

Garages with a window:  You can put a one-room air conditioner in the window to bring cool air inside. A more economical way is by the use of fans. Ventilation fan, Exhaust fan, Oscillating fan are a few types. Position a box fan at the window to suck hot air out of the garage or install an exhaust fan in the ceiling. Mount a ventilation fan high on the wall opposite the garage door to directly suck out the hot air. Even if you don’t have a window, an air mover (or simply a box fan) is still one of the best ideas as the goal is to simply keep the air moving.

Light Reflects Heat

Light colors reflect heat. Dark colors absorb heat. The heat from the sun setting in the west is highest around 3:00 to 4:30 pm. A westward facing garage door is exposed to the sun’s blazing heat. Painting the garage door a light color such as white, off-white, cream or beige will keep the heat out. Painting the exterior walls a light color will also aid in keeping the garage cool. For detached garages, installing a light colored roof over your garage will be of significant help. Cool Roofs are made of materials that reflect the sun’s energy to reduce the roof temperatures between 50-60ºF (28-33ºC) cooler in the summertime. The “cool roof” pigments allow metal roofs to be EnergyStar rated even in dark colors. READ MORE


See some more tips at Garage Living: 

Park your recently used vehicle outside

At least one of those heat-causing factors is a very easy fix. Simply leave your vehicle parked outside your garage if you’ve used it on a hot day and plan to be using the garage. Chances are that unless you have a double garage (or even larger), you’d be doing so anyway. 

Eliminate garage clutter

Cleaning up the clutter in your garage doesn’t just make your space more functional, it also makes some of these garage cooling ideas and solutions more effective.
That’s because stacked boxes and bulky items stored on your garage floor obstruct proper airflow. This, coupled with the extra surface areas that clutter allows dust to settle on, contributes to poor garage air quality.

Garage cabinetryslatwall storage, and specialty storage racks will maximize your garage’s  storage abilities and keep your space organized. They’ll also enable your garage’s air to move more freely, which can help keep temperatures down. READ MORE

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