Keep The Snow Off Your Floors With Durable & Long-Lasting Boot Trays

Boot trays are a must during the winter season in order to keep snow off your floors. Check out Top Shelf Garage's trays. TSG's containment trays measure 30" X 24" X 1". They have raised ridges to lift the footwear which allows moisture to flow out in and out for quicker drying.

Our trays are made in the USA with industrial-grade plastic. They are durable and long-lasting. These multipurpose trays are impervious to rain, snow, salts, acids, oils, and most industrial chemicals. TSG's chemical and weather resistant trays can be used indoors and outdoors.

Our customers also use these trays for chemical storage, gardening, dogs bowls and much more.

**Made to fit our 24-inch shelves, workbenches and storage platforms our trays won't let you down.

See trays here.


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January 27, 2019

I work in construction and bring dirt and mud home with me every night. These boot trays keep the house clean and the wife happy. I give these trays five stars.

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