Ways To Use Our Modular Shelves For More Than Storage

January 12, 2022

Ways To Use Our Modular Shelves For More Than Storage

TopShelfGarage.com shelf units, workbenches, utility carts, shelving on wheels, and platforms are some of the most multipurpose and useful shelves for sale online. The ways to use our shelves never stops.  

Made in the USA with heavy-duty, recycled plastic, our shelf systems are weatherproof, chemical resistant, durable, long-lasting, heavy duty, lightweight, easy to assemble/disassemble and portable. Our shelving units comes in solid and ventilated shelf panels, and can be used indoors and outdoors.   

As you can see in the photo above, each modular shelf is 2 5/8" thick. 

Below are some ways to use our shelf systems other than storage and organization   

1. Raise your dog bowls 2 and 5/8 inches on our shelf panels. Now that Bella is 14, it's harder for her to eat. I just needed to raise her food a few inches. Instead of having to buy something to raise her plate, I just grabbed a ventilated 16 inch wide ventilated shelf panel and put it directly on the ground without its legs.

Bella is eating off a 36"L X 16"W  Ventilated shelf.  

To raise your dog’s bowl to 6 inches high (below), check out our Stacker. 

2. Container Garden indoors on our ventilated shelves.  Below, I grew herbs and veggies on our 16 inch wide X 66 inch long 3 shelf unit with LED lights. That size shelf worked great to container grow on top with these LED lights.

I have not grown indoors with lights on our ventilated 24 or 36 inch wide shelves. But I’m going to soon and will make note here if they worked as good as 16 inch wide shelves   

 3. Container Grow outdoors on the same shelves you used to grow on indoors.

When winter ended and my grow season began, I was able to easily move all my seedlings and shelves outdoors. They grew great in containers on our shelves all summer. I can't wait to do better this year.

4. Create your masterpieces on our 2 shelf units, workbenches and workbenches on wheels. 

5. Then when it’s time to sell, use the same shelf units that you created on top of to display your work.


6. Use them outdoors in the dirt. I stored firewood on these ventilated shelf panels for a few years. This photo is after I removed all the wood. This is how the shelf panels looked after sitting on the ground for 3 years with wood piled high in the rain, snow, cold and heat. I just washed the shelves off and brought them inside.


7. Wrap gifts on our 2 shelf workbenches and 2 shelf units. Notice, I configured the workbench differently than it is advertised. Since our shelves are modular, I was able to put the 12 inch legs  on top. And the 24 inch legs on the ground. I prefer this option when I am wrapping so I don't have to reach far.


8. Wash your golf clubs on our Long Handle Tool Cart. Spray them down and shine them up.


9. Bring our lightweight, easy to assemble/disassemble, & portable shelves with you!


10. Clean your hard to clean and dirty items on our durable and chemical resistant shelves and platforms.


There are so many ways to use our shelf units shelving on wheels, workbenches, utility carts, platforms and trays all over the home and outdoors!


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