Weatherproof Shelves, Outdoor Shelves

June 10, 2021

Weatherproof Shelves, Outdoor Shelves

Check out our Weatherproof Shelves & Outdoor shelves. Made in USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic, our shelf systems are durable, long-lasting, chemical resistant, modular, easy to assemble/disassemble, portable, multipurpose & weatherproof. Our shelves love to be outside in the rain, snow, and sun.

Our 2-shelf unitsworkbenches, utility cartsplatforms, and trays make excellent workspaces to store and help with outdoor activities. For example, our shelves make great potting workbenches, indoor/outdoor container grow shelves, display tables for plants, wood storage, cleaning carts to roll around the driveway and garage, and much more. Customers use our shelves for decades.

I know it looks like this mess of wood below has been there for decades but it's only been 3 years. If you look close below the wood, you can see I put Two Ventilated 66 X 24 panels directly on the ground to keep the wood a few inches off the grass. I haven't touched it in all that time. It has snowed, rained, hit below zero temps and 100 degree temps many times.






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