September 05, 2017


Craft And Display Table In One

Top Shelf Garage's (TSG) workbenches, shelving, and rolling carts make the perfect craft tables to create your crafts on.   TSG's products are made from heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE) and are chemical and weather resistant/UV protected. Won't rot, rust or absorb water.  They are easy to clean off and can be used indoors or out.

Our systems are durable, long-lasting, come in many different dimensions, meet your crafting needs and fit your space.  Check out's craft tables here.




Craft show time?  Our storage systems are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble.  Just bring them along to display your crafts on. 

"These sturdy two tier tables make my projecting easier and more efficient.  I'm excited to bring them to craft shows with me. They look professional and different." ― Renee, Craftswoman



August 24, 2017

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A Rolling Utility Cart Is Great For On The Job offers work carts made in the USA with heavy-duty plastic.  Our plastic is chemical and weather resistant.  The HD surface comes in solid and grid top and cleans up easily.   TSG's utility carts are durable and long-lasting.  Castor brakes are included to keep your cart in place on the job and in the trailer.   You can even maximize trailer space with our multi-level carts.  



"These work carts are very convenient on the job and help keep us organized.  It's nice having a central and mobile location to put our tools and equipment and not having to run back and forth to the trailer a bunch of times." Sheldon, Finished Carpenter.



Move heavy items around the job site, while keeping your tools with you at all times.  Check out Top Shelf Garage's HD rolling work carts HERE.


August 24, 2017


August 14, 2017


Keep Your Firewood Off The Ground!

Do you want your firewood to last longer, burn hotter, and keep your hearth cleaner?  Well then, you need to keep it off the ground!

Storing firewood outdoors is better than storing it indoors because it is often dirty, infested with pests, and sometimes moldy or full of fungus.  However, firewood stored on the ground outdoors is often in direct contact with dirt and moisture which causes it to decay more quickly.  Plus, it allows a good environment for bugs, mice, and other vermin to live in.

So lift your firewood off the ground with's open-grid shelving.  Our ventilated panels allow airflow which reduces moisture and helps keep your firewood dry.  Our industrial grade plastic is chemical/weather resistant, durable and long-lasting. It won't rot, rust, or absorb water.  

World Forest Industries:

One of the things that will cause wood to degrade faster than anything, is if it has direct contact with soil. Wood in contact with soil creates a natural habitat for the bacteria, fungus and other organisms that consume wood. But if you are only going to store the wood for a few months to a year, it’s probably not going to decay much. But it will become a huge mess. The dirt will stick to the wood in huge clumps bonded by fungi and microbial body slime. It will also help keep the wood wet. So anything you can do to get the wood off the ground will help keep your wood clean and dry. READ MORE







To see more details about the 3-Shelf above, please click HERE.

August 07, 2017


August 03, 2017


Shelving & Storage Systems: Made In USA With Heavy-Duty Recycled Plastic

Welcome to's Blog.  

Top Shelf Garage™ offers heavy-duty shelving and storage systems (2-Shelf, 3-Shelf, 4-Shelf), modular shelving, mobile shelving, workbenches, utility carts, storage platforms and more.  Our products are 100% Made In USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE).  TSG's plastic is chemical and weather resistant, UV protected, durable and long-lasting. Won't rot, rust, or absorb water. Great for indoors and outdoors.

TSG's storage solutions and shelves are multipurpose and come in open-grid/ventilated and solid top panels. Use them almost anywhere, our industrial grade storage and organization systems are lightweight and easy to set up and take down. 

We've been in business for over 30 years and want to help you make your space Top Shelf!

Check out our storage solutions HERE.



August 03, 2017


Benefits Of Parking In The Garage

Keep your car protected and clean in the garage!



  1. Your Car Will Look Better for Longer: Simply keeping your car sheltered from all the ‘stuff’ and debris of the outdoors will keep it looking better. Pulling your car into the garage each evening will protect it from dust, bird droppings, nightly dewfall, and a range of other ‘things’ that are typical of an outdoors environment.
  2. Your Car is Protected From Storms: It’s a terrible feeling to have a hailstorm roll through, and know that your car is taking a beating, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even simple windstorms can blow debris into your car that results in dents, dings or chipped paint. But if you keep your car in the garage, you have little to fear from Mother Nature’s fits of fury.
  3. Less Chance of Theft or Vandalism: ….. READ MORE


Organize your garage and use it for what is was created for! Check out high-quality shelving and garage storage systems at Made in USA from heavy-duty recycled plastic.


August 03, 2017


Maintain Your Motorcycle With A Motorcycle Cleaning Station

Top Shelf Garage's heavy-duty plastic carts serve as the perfect Motorcycle Cleaning Station, and shelving for your bike's parts and accessories.

Load up one of our CARTS with all of your motorcycle washing/waxing supplies and parts and accessories.  Next, roll the cleaning station into the driveway and put it's brakes on.  Before you clean, be sure to remove anything on your motorcycle that you don't want to get wet, and simply place it on the shelving.

Our heavy-duty plastic is chemical and weather resistant so don't worry about corrosion.


When you are finished, just roll that cart back inside your garage, and keep it prepped for next time.

August 02, 2017


Tips To Cool Your Garage Down

Cool down your garage this summer with these helpful tips.


Garage Tool Advisor:

Circulate the Air

Garages with a window:  You can put a one-room air conditioner in the window to bring cool air inside. A more economical way is by the use of fans. Ventilation fan, Exhaust fan, Oscillating fan are a few types. Position a box fan at the window to suck hot air out of the garage or install an exhaust fan in the ceiling. Mount a ventilation fan high on the wall opposite the garage door to directly suck out the hot air. Even if you don’t have a window, an air mover (or simply a box fan) is still one of the best ideas as the goal is to simply keep the air moving.

Light Reflects Heat

Light colors reflect heat. Dark colors absorb heat. The heat from the sun setting in the west is highest around 3:00 to 4:30 pm. A westward facing garage door is exposed to the sun’s blazing heat. Painting the garage door a light color such as white, off-white, cream or beige will keep the heat out. Painting the exterior walls a light color will also aid in keeping the garage cool. For detached garages, installing a light colored roof over your garage will be of significant help. Cool Roofs are made of materials that reflect the sun’s energy to reduce the roof temperatures between 50-60ºF (28-33ºC) cooler in the summertime. The “cool roof” pigments allow metal roofs to be EnergyStar rated even in dark colors. READ MORE


See some more tips at Garage Living: 

Park your recently used vehicle outside

At least one of those heat-causing factors is a very easy fix. Simply leave your vehicle parked outside your garage if you’ve used it on a hot day and plan to be using the garage. Chances are that unless you have a double garage (or even larger), you’d be doing so anyway. 

Eliminate garage clutter

Cleaning up the clutter in your garage doesn’t just make your space more functional, it also makes some of these garage cooling ideas and solutions more effective.
That’s because stacked boxes and bulky items stored on your garage floor obstruct proper airflow. This, coupled with the extra surface areas that clutter allows dust to settle on, contributes to poor garage air quality.

Garage cabinetryslatwall storage, and specialty storage racks will maximize your garage’s  storage abilities and keep your space organized. They’ll also enable your garage’s air to move more freely, which can help keep temperatures down. READ MORE

Check out Top Shelf Garage's ventilated open-grid and solid top storage solutions. Made in USA from recycled plastic.
July 26, 2017


Dogs Eat More Comfortably With A Dog Bowl Riser

Do you ever watch your dog eat and drink from their bowls?  Do you notice them hunched over trying to get every last piece of food?  Like people, dogs can suffer from neck and back pain.  Dogs have no choice when it comes to positioning the bowl they eat from, but their owners do!



Check out Top Shelf Garage’s Dog Bowl Riser.  It raises your dog's bowl 6 inches off the floor to a comfortable and natural height for eating.  Great for medium to large size dogs.  For aggressive eaters, we suggest using rubber or silicone bottomed bowls.

Made in USA with heavy-duty recycled plastic, this multipurpose Dog Bowl Riser is durable and long-lasting.  It won’t absorb water or the smell of dog food.  When it’s time to clean, you just hose it off.