December 12, 2017


Mobile Laundry Folding Station With Storage


I think the worst part of doing laundry is folding!  So instead of making it a priority, it is too easy to throw clean clothes on the dining room table, floors, beds, couches or just leave them in baskets.  Some people even live day to day out of these piles. However, laundry doesn't need to be a neglected task.

Folding clothes isn't so bad when you are working from a functional, flat surface from which you can organize, fold, and store your clothes. How about a station that you can load up with clean clothes and baskets, then roll in front of the television? Watching TV while folding makes the task much less annoying.

Top Shelf Garage (TSG) has a variety of differently sized plastic utility carts with brakes that can serve as a laundry folding station.  If you hang more than you fold, our grid top units may be a better fit (see below).

TSG's products are made Made in the USA from heavy-duty, recycled plastic which is chemical/weather resistant, durable and long-lasting.  When you are done folding, the cart can be used for other purposes around the home, indoors and outdoors.  

For those who prefer a laundry folding station without wheels, our portable and lightweight workbenches and two shelf systems are the perfect height to stand or sit while you fold.  Like our utility carts, when you are done with your laundry, you can use them for so much more around the home.

Check out our selection of carts, workbenches, and two shelf systems.   

 Then roll the utility cart to the rooms and or stairs and put clothes away.

November 29, 2017


Portable Gift Wrapping Station: Store, Organize, & Wrap

It's always nice to give expertly wrapped presents.  Whether you have a few quick gifts to wrap or you spend hours and hours, the wrapping process can seem like a daunting task without a flat and convenient surface to work and easy access to your supplies.  

Top Shelf Garage has many different sized workbenches to store, organize and wrap.  Our portable workbenches are Made in USA from heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE), lightweight, and easy to set up and take down.  So when the wrapping is done, you can easily move and use the workbench for so much more, indoors and outdoors.

TSG's workbenches are the perfect height for standing or sitting work.  They stand 36 inches or 24 inches tall without the smaller 12 inch legs.  Configure our workbenches two different ways (pictured below) to meet your gift wrapping and storage needs.  

Our heavy-duty plastic is chemical/weather resistant, durable, and long-lasting.  Customers get decades of use from our multi-purpose systems.

Check out our multi-purpose workbenches and other storage solutions here.  

Just in time for the holidays.  Free shipping.  Orders are shipped within a day or two.  All items are shipped UPS Ground.  Tracking numbers will be provided. 





November 14, 2017


Long-Lasting & Heavy-Duty Prepper Shelving Systems — For Serious Preppers



Whether you have an entire room, garage, home, or a small space(s) dedicated to it, organized Preppers need storage systems to hold their stockpiles.  Some people choose to build their own storage shelves which can be costly, time consuming and stay with the home after a move.  Others tend to buy cheap shelving from the closest big-box store which can be difficult to lug home, hard to set up/take down and not able to serve any other purpose than holding supplies.  And while that can be enough for some, many Preppers are looking for multipurpose, high-quality, long-lasting, and durable storage systems that are delivered right to their front door.  If that is you, please read on. (TSG) offers modular & customizable shelving, mobile shelving, workbenches, utility carts, storage platforms and more.  TSG's storage systems are Made in the USA from heavy-duty, recycled plastic (HDPE).  Our plastic is long-lasting, durable, chemical & weather resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors.  Our sturdy storage systems are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used for so much more than storage.  Panels come in ventilated and solid top.

We have been in business for almost 40 years and want to help you make your space Top Shelf!  Check out our selection of storage systems HERE.


November 10, 2017


Bow & Arrow Workbench With Storage Shelf


When it comes to bow and arrow maintenance, a sturdy, smooth and flat surface is needed to tune and maintain your bow.  Top Shelf Garage (TSG) has a variety of different sized workbenches with a storage shelf for your materials and supplies.  All workbenches are 36” tall, so you can comfortably stand or pull up a stool to sit comfortably.

TSG's heavy-duty plastic systems are 100% Made in the USA.  They are chemical and weather resistant, durable, long-lasting and can be used indoors and outdoors.  They can be set up in just a few minutes, and the workbenches are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Spend time maintaining your bow and hunting, not time building your archery workbench. Check out our workbenches HERE. 

October 27, 2017


Heavy-Duty Storage For Hunting Gear


Keep your hunting gear clean, organized, and off the ground with heavy-duty plastic storage systems.  Top Shelf Garage (TSG) offers ventilated/open grid and solid top shelving (2,3,4 shelf), mobile shelving, workbenches, utility carts, storage platforms, containment trays, tool carts and more.

TSG’s storage units are customizable and modular to fit your space and needs, and come on 6 or 12 inch legs to keep your hunting gear off the ground.  Wheels with brakes are available.  The space between shelves is 30 inches tall which leaves room for bins, boots, blinds, equipment, and more.

TSG's heavy-duty plastic is odor free, chemical & weather resistant, durable, long-lasting, strong, and can be used indoors and outdoors.  Set the systems up at home or take them to the hunting camp, our storage units are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. 

See Top Shelf’s line of storage systems here.



September 27, 2017


Assembly Tips For

The following tips are not requirements for assembly, but they may make the assembly process easier for you.

  • No tools are required but using a rubber mallet to drive the legs into the sockets may be helpful.
  • Spraying the sockets on the panels with a common glass cleaner before inserting the legs allow for easier assembly as well.
  • Make sure all connectors are firmly in place and seated completely.
  • Attach panel, with legs installed, to the connectors.

To see more check out the video below.

September 27, 2017


Chemical Resistant & Easy To Assemble Gun Cleaning Table



Organize your hunting supplies and clean your guns on TopShelfGarage's (TSG), 2-shelf workbenches.  Our durable and long-lasting benches are made in the USA with heavy-duty, recycled plastic (HDPE).  Don't worry about drips or spills, TSG's plastic is chemical-resistant and easy to clean up.  Our plastic is also weather-resistant and can be left outdoors.

Workbenches come in solid and grid top and are all 3 feet tall.  Stand or sit, they are just the right height. Set them up almost anywhere, TSG's systems are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble.

Check out our selection of quality workbenches HERE.

IMPORTANT: Due to static electricity retention, this is NOT suitable for an ammunition reloading bench.
September 13, 2017


Sturdy Kids Table For Messy Projects


Kids love messy art projects.  The messier, the better!  If you're not watching them closely, they've been known to create art on anything from walls to floors to furniture.   To prevent this, why not give your little ones their own work table to store their supplies and create masterpieces.'s (TSG) multi-purpose storage shelves are just the right size to be used for children's tables.  Our plastic products are USA-made from heavy-duty recycled plastic, which is durable and long-lasting. Our products can be used indoors and out.  They will not absorb water, and are easy to clean up with just soap and water.  

TSG's products are sturdy, lightweight, easy (for adults) to set up/take down, and come with solid or open grid top.  Kids can stand up next to them or sit on a chair while they work.  TSG's standard two-shelf unit is 30 inches tall or can be configured to 24 inches tall without the 6 inch legs.  For older and taller children, our 36” high workbenches may be a better fit.  We have several dimensions to fit your needs and space.

Take a look at our products HERE.


Find the table above HERE. 

September 05, 2017


Craft And Display Table In One

Top Shelf Garage's (TSG) workbenches, shelving, and rolling carts make the perfect craft tables to create your crafts on.   TSG's products are made from heavy-duty recycled plastic (HDPE) and are chemical and weather resistant/UV protected. Won't rot, rust or absorb water.  They are easy to clean off and can be used indoors or out.

Our systems are durable, long-lasting, come in many different dimensions, meet your crafting needs and fit your space.  Check out's craft tables here.




Craft show time?  Our storage systems are lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble.  Just bring them along to display your crafts on. 

"These sturdy two tier tables make my projecting easier and more efficient.  I'm excited to bring them to craft shows with me. They look professional and different." ― Renee, Craftswoman



August 24, 2017

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A Rolling Utility Cart Is Great For On The Job offers work carts made in the USA with heavy-duty plastic.  Our plastic is chemical and weather resistant.  The HD surface comes in solid and grid top and cleans up easily.   TSG's utility carts are durable and long-lasting.  Castor brakes are included to keep your cart in place on the job and in the trailer.   You can even maximize trailer space with our multi-level carts.  



"These work carts are very convenient on the job and help keep us organized.  It's nice having a central and mobile location to put our tools and equipment and not having to run back and forth to the trailer a bunch of times." Sheldon, Finished Carpenter.



Move heavy items around the job site, while keeping your tools with you at all times.  Check out Top Shelf Garage's HD rolling work carts HERE.