July 23, 2017


The TOP 10 Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Work


Garage door professionals are important and necessary, but you might be able to save some money if you look at the Top 10 reasons your garage door won't open before calling one.

Custom Door & Grate:

1. The Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

This may sound obvious, but your garage door transmitters need power to work. If the batteries in your transmitter are dead, the transmitter won’t be able to send a signal to your garage door to open.

First, check to see if the transmitter on the wall inside your garage still opens your garage door when pressed. If it does, then the transmitter in your car likely just needs a simple battery replacement. If you have more than one car transmitter for your garage door, then your other transmitters will likely need new batteries soon as well, since they were probably installed around the same time.

Changing the battery on your garage door transmitter is pretty simple. On most, you can simply slide the door open on the back of the transmitter and remove the battery. Others may be screwed in to keep the battery more secure, so this type of transmitter will require a screwdriver to open.

After removing the old batteries, make sure the plus and minus signs line up with the plus and minus signs on the inside of the transmitter. Otherwise, the new battery won’t work in the transmitter, and it could give you a false sign that something else may be wrong. Once the battery is in place, test the transmitter, and if it works, replace the transmitter door.

2. Your Photo Eye Is Out Of Alignment

You may remember a time as a kid when you and your siblings would close the garage door and run underneath it as fast as possible to make it out before the door closed. Well, on any garage door installed after 1993, that’s no longer possible thanks to two tiny photo eyes on either side of the garage entrance. These photo eyes transmit an invisible beam between each other that detects if anything is in the garage door’s path when it closes. This safety measure is there to prevent automatic garage doors from closing on top of someone or something and causing serious injury or damage to property.

If you notice that the garage door opens normally but doesn’t make any attempt to close when the remote is pressed, the first thing you’ll want to do is visually inspect the photo eyes. Over time, these eyes can get dirty, causing the light from the beam to be blocked. They also can eventually become misaligned, causing the eyes to not match up on both sides. READ MORE

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July 20, 2017


5 Things Not To Store In Your Garage


1.  Propane Tanks

2.  Canned or Fresh Food

3.  Electronics

4.  Paint

5.  Pet food and birdseed


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June 06, 2017


Make Gardening Easier With Heavy Duty Plastic Gardening Bench That Stands The Test Of Time

Whether you are in a greenhouse or outdoors, June is a great time for planting herbs, flowers and potted vegetables.

Gardening is a hobby, a career and an addiction for some.  It has been known to be good for your physical and mental health for many reasons like stress relief, exercise, getting fresh air & sunshine, growing and eating your own fruits and vegetables, sharpening your senses, even helping people with dementia, and much more.

Although gardening requires manual labor and can be messy, it is a relaxing and therapeutic activity.  The best thing you can do to keep it that way is to have a high-quality potting/gardening work bench at your disposal.  A clean, organized, and productive surface to plant on, store your gardening tools, pots, and other items.

There are many different types of potting/gardening work benches, anything from wood to metal.  But I am going to show you why TopShelfGarage.com's (TSG) heavy-duty plastic work benches are the easiest and best choice.



TSG's black plastic work benches are made with heavy-duty, recycled plastic. Our HD plastic is chemical/weather resistant and UV protected.  These workbenches are extremely durable and long-lasting.  They won't rust, rot, stain or fade.  And can be left outside year round.  When it's time to clean up just spray them off with a hose.

TopShelfGarage.com's potting/gardening work benches come in a variety of different sizes to meet your needs and are available in open-grid and solid top.  Plastic workbenches are more affordable than wood and metal and are light-weight, easy to set up and take down, and require no tools.

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May 30, 2017


Clean Seasonal Items With A Power Washer

Spring is the perfect time to clean your grimy grill grates, salty snow equipment, or other seasonal items. Power washing is an effective and non-toxic way to remove the baked-on grease caking your grill grates and the salt crust from your snow shovels and equipment. 

Use one of our platforms (pictured below), instead of laying your items on the dirty ground. You can avoid damage from the direct power wash spray to your grass and plants.  Plus, the platform elevates your dirty items 12 inches off the ground, so you can get a better look at them.

Pictured below is our durable 36"L X 24"W X 12"H PLATFORM W/OPEN GRID TOP.  Our platforms come in many different sizes so if you need a larger platform, we've got it.



To clean grill grates, lay the grates on our open grid top platform and place a few rods or sticks through the grates and grid panels. This will keep them secure when the water starts flowing. 



Our grid-top panels allow the water and gunk to flow down to the ground.




When you are finished, just spray off the platform and it's ready for the next task.  Below, we have placed and secured salty snow shovels and a salt spreader on the platform to power wash. Once again, the dirt and salt flows right through the grid top and on to the ground without any back splash. 




When you are all finished cleaning your seasonal items, just spray off the platform and either sweep or hose down the rest.


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May 16, 2017


How A Long-Handle Tool Cart Makes Spring Lawn Care Easier

Spring is in full bloom and if you haven’t maintained your lawn properly over the years, so are weeds, crab grass and bare patches all around your yard. Maintaining a healthy lawn takes a lot of work, however, organizing and prepping for spring lawn care makes it much easier.

At the end of fall, after cleaning and sharpening my tools, I stock my long handle tool cart with spring lawn care tools and supplies. I load it up with a rake and thatcher rake, a shovel, trowel, weeder, fertilizer, weed killer, pruner, grass seed, trash bags, scissors, gardening gloves and anything else I may need. When spring arrives, I simply roll my fully prepped tool cart out of the garage, and into the driveway with all my spring lawn care tools and supplies in one mobile and centralized location.

The first thing I do is yard cleanup. I grab my gardening gloves, a rake, and trash bags from my tool cart. Then I remove everything from my lawn that doesn't belong such as leaves, sticks, weeds, branches and litter.

After lawn cleanup, I take out the thatch rake from my tool cart and manually dethatch my lawn.

Next, I use my hard-toothed lawn rake and grass seed to repair the bare patches in my lawn.

On any bare patches of ground, skip the herbicide and opt instead for grass seed. Be aware, however, that if you’re planting grass in the spring, it’s going to need lots of TLC during the hot summer months—that is, consistent watering and regular weeding—and you’ll most likely have to seed again in the fall. READ MORE

Two Easy Step-By-Step Methods For Restoring Bald Patches In Your Lawn

Next, it's time for weed and feed. Apply according to the package directions, but be careful that you don't get the weed and feed on your newly seeded bare patches.

How to Eliminate Weeds From Your Grass

No more running around looking for this or that. A fully stocked and organized tool cart helps make spring lawn care much easier.  Just roll your long handle tool cart back in the garage, stock it up, and you’ll be ready for next time. Yard work doesn’t need to be a complicated and exhausting task. By planning the work and equipping yourself with the right tools, you can save time, effort, and a whole lot of trips back and forth to the garage or shed.

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May 01, 2017


Helpful Tips For A Profitable & Smooth Sailing Garage Sale


It’s garage sale time. Whether this is your first time having a garage sale or you just need a quick refresher on the subject, there are many important and helpful tips that can turn your garage sale into a smooth sailing success vs. a stressful and disappointing flop. Having worked in the Estate Sale business (glorified garage sales), I’d like to pass on a few helpful Garage Sale tips.

Get a permit. First, call the city and find out if it is necessary to get a permit for your sale. If so, get one.

Weather. If you are going to choose a date far enough in advance, you need to think about what you will do if it storms. Will you be able to move everything in the garage or have some tents on hand just in case? Depending on the severity of the weather, you might need to reschedule. However, if it's just rain and a passing storm, people will still come. Just make a plan ahead of time.

Security. For security reasons, I never suggest bringing the garage sale indoors unless you are selling everything then it is an Estate Sale. Just like with retail shops, shoplifters and thieves exist even at garage sales. So have a few friends and or family patrol the sale and someone to stay with the person collecting money at all times. Also, always keep your home windows shut and your doors locked.

Money. When it comes to money, get a cheap cash register/cash box.  Office Depot sells them as low as $20.00.  I find sales are the easiest when you only take dollar bills, no cents. I suggest starting the sale with $200 dollars. 5 twenty dollar bills, 5 ten dollar bills, 5 five dollar bills and 25 one dollar bills.

Accepting funds other than cash also brings in more revenue. Taking checks for $100 and less usually works well as long as you write their phone and driver’s license number on the check. Accepting credit and debit cards via Square is also a great option. Try not to leave more than $200 dollars in the cash register at all times. Every few hours, without attracting attention, take the excess money inside and lock it up.  

What to sell. Shoppers like a wide-variety to choose from. So look through every closet, box, and room. Quantity matters. If you don’t have enough for a sale, invite friends or neighbors to join. If you are debating whether to try to sell it or throw it away, put a low price on it. People will buy almost anything.

Take inventory. Write down each item you are selling and its price on a master list and make several copies.

Pricing. Use small stickers and individually price everything. Do research on your more valuable possessions. For helpful pricing tips, check out The Ultimate Garage Sale Pricing Guide. Ultimately, it’s your sale, and the pricing is up to you. If people aren't buying, then your prices are too high.

Promote your sale. Put the sale time, date, and the highlights/specifics of what you are selling in the classified ads of your local and surrounding newspapers. Get creative with headlines. Run the ad on days that make sense. For instance, before the sale and on the day of the sale. Having a 2 or 3 day sale is better because it gives you more time to sell your stuff. Click here for helpful tips and suggestions on how and where to advertise a garage sale.

Signs. Make several signs to direct people to your sale. If possible, place one sign at a high traffic corner and scatter the rest directing people to your sale. Also, make signs for deals (50% OFF EVERYTHING) during the sale. People love a good deal.

Negotiate. Many people go to sales and want to negotiate so let them. 

Set Up. If you don’t have tables to display items on and don’t want to buy any, find every table and shelf available inside your home and bring it to the garage. Clean off your garage shelving units and repurpose things around the house that could work in place of tables/displays. 10 Ingenious ways to have a yard sale without tables has some great repurposing ideas. Top Shelf Garage's shelving is great for sales because you can easily turn a 4-Shelf into 4 tables.

Clean and organize. Things sell better when they are clean and organized. So clean your sale items and the tables/shelving you are putting them on. Also, clean up your garage and yard. I’ve learned you can even raise the price a little and sell more when everything looks clean and organized.

Be In Charge, Professional, Friendly & Helpful. You are going to need more than one person to run the sale. However, the person having the sale needs to take charge. Delegate responsibilities and let all of your volunteers know what is required of them. It's always best to keep it professional. People tend to spend more when the people working the sale are doing their job, friendly and helpful as opposed to goofing around, talking on their cell phones, ignoring customers, and chomping their gum. Act like it's a job. Welcome people to the sale and tell them what the deals are. Having a volunteer to help people carry large and multiple items to their vehicle is nice and may cause them to buy even more.

Negotiate. People are coming from a deal. Give them one, even if that means marking the price a little higher.

Finally, Have Fun. Enjoy yourself. Smile and be happy. Ask people how they are doing and thank them for coming to your sale.

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April 12, 2017


TopShelfGarage.com's Heavy-Duty Storage Systems Are Easy To Assemble (VIDEO)

TopShelfGarage.com 's heavy-duty storage units are easy to set up and easy to take down. No tool assembly. 



TopShelfGarage's product line is:

Heavy-Duty/Commercial Grade

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Made in USA

Made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  black plastic



Chemical Resistant


Comes in grid and solid top


Used indoors and out


Check out our product line here.  Let us help you make your garage Top Shelf!! Shipping is free in the contiguous US.

March 22, 2017


Spring Cleaning Is Here: Clear Clutter First

Many of us dread Spring Cleaning and others avoid it completely.  Year after year, accumulating more and more possessions, trash, and uncleanliness.  This can lead to chaos. The hoarder shows on television are an extreme example, don’t let it get out of hand!

Spring cleaning is defined as “a complete cleaning of a place, as a home, done traditionally in the spring of the year.” However, a person can clean all day long but if they don’t get rid of clutter and organize first, it ends up being just a cleaner mess.  That is why TopShelfGarage.com emphasizes Spring Cleaning as a 3-step process. Step 1: Clear the Clutter. Step 2: Organize. Step 3: Clean.

Having worked in the Estate Sale business, I know first-hand what a huge task this can be. Depending on how much stuff you have, this entire process can take anywhere from a few days to a month or longer.   But it’s worth it and makes life better. So let’s get started!!

Grab a notebook, pen, and garbage bags (preferably contractor bags).  Everyone’s clutter size is different but no matter the size of your mess, it’s important to get rid of the trash first.  So go room to room and put all of the garbage into contractor bags and according to your city/town rules, take it to the road.  Some cities only allow so many bags of garbage per week so learn your area’s waste collection information first.  For large amounts of garbage, renting a dumpster is a great option.

Next, do the same with everything you choose to recycle. Place items in your recycling bin and or call your local recycling service to help purge recyclable items. If you have personal papers that need to be shredded, paper shredding companies are available.

Now it’s time to find donation centers in your region. There are numerous places such as Salvation ArmyGood WillHabitat for Humanity, and many more local donation centers that have drop off sites and or will come to your home for pick up.

After the trash is gone, it’s time to make some money. You can do this by having a sale at your home, listing online, or taking your belongings to a consignment shop. Don’t forget to put the sale times and dates in your local newspaper, because people love a good deal.


December 14, 2016


Cookie Decorating Station On Wheels

Lay out your cookie decorations, supplies and utensils on a sturdy 2-Shelf Cookie Decorating Station with wheels (brakes included).  This portable and lightweight cart can be rolled to wherever is best for you.  Stand or sit, our carts are 30 inches tall.

Made in the USA from heavy-duty recycled plastic, don't worry about making a mess.  Our plastic is easy to clean up.  And when you aren't decorating cookies on it, this multipurpose cart can be used for tons of other purposes around the home, indoors and outdoors.

Check out TSG's selection of carts HERE.





    April 07, 2016


    Spring Cleaning: Organize Before You Clean

    Last week, I wrote about Spring Cleaning and how the key to Spring Cleaning is a 3-step process.

    Step 1: Clear the Clutter. Step 2: Organize. Step 3: Clean.  

    Now that you've cleared the clutter by taking it to the road, recycling, donating, and having a sale if necessary, it's time for Step 2: Organize. It's impossible to do a thorough cleaning of your home when it is disorganized. 

    Below are 6 articles that will help motivate and inspire you to organize your home.

    10 Lifehacks That’ll Trick You Into Cleaning Up & Organizing Your Place

    A Place For Everything, Everything In It's Place

    52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

    How To Organize Your Home (And Keep It That Way)

    Room-By-Room Organization Tips

    100 Ways To Get Organized


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