Indoor Grow Rack

Since COVID-19 hit, I decided I want to grow vegetables, lettuce, and peppers.. Considering I don't have the appropriate land outdoors, I decided to try to grow indoors.

First, I had to select and clear out an area of the house.

Second, I had to set up the shelves which was easy considering I sell modular & heavy duty plastic shelves. I set up 1 three-shelf ventilated unit, 1 two-shelf ventilated unit, and 1 2-shelf solid top unit. As you will see in the photos, I set them up in rows that I could walk in between.

Third, I had to find the perfect growing lights. I wanted lights that would grow all types of vegetables, herbs, & plants. But I wanted lights that were also Made in USA to hang from my shelves  I wasn't sure if that was even an option. 

Lucky for me, I quickly found the PERFECT growing lights ONLINE. They were delivered within days. And I set the 4 lights up in 5 minutes. The cords and stopper were so easy to wrap around our ventilated shelves. And you can raise the lights up and down.


Before I found the lights above, I bought one Jiffy Hydro light at a local farmer store. It was the only and last light. It was made in USA, easy to set up, and it works good. As you see (BELOW), I have my first attempt at growing indoors raised on one of our Stackers. The 12 inch stacker is great because it raises your seeds closer to the light. You can also spray the seeds/veggies and the stacker, and not have to worry about cleaning it up the water and dirt.




Our shelves are Made in USA with heavy duty recycled plastic. They are modular, portable, easy to assemble/disassemble, chemical resistant, weatherproof, strong, sturdy, durable, long-lasting, and more. Our shelves come in Ventilated & Solid Top Shelves. Our grow racks also come on wheels!